Go Solar for $0 Down

Solar Loan Advantages

  • Go solar for no upfront cost
  • Save money from year 1
  • You own the system
  • You keep valuable SRECs
  • Higher long-term return on investment

Why Solar Loans are Better than Leases

We recommend solar loans over solar leases because they offer greater benefits and savings to you, the homeowner.

If you finance a solar energy system with a loan, you get the benefit of owning the system, keeping your solar incentives including the 30% federal tax credit, any state grants, and valuable SREC credits.

You can go solar for $0 down and often reap the benefits of savings immediately. In the long term you typically end up saving far more money with a loan than you would with a lease. 




About Kenergy Solar

Kenergy Solar is a local solar installation company based in Washington DC. We install solar power for homes in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • Friendly service, local company
  • Flexible financing options
  • Customized systems tailored to your home