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Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Kenergy Solar specializes in the installation of solar photovoltaics.  Solar photovoltaic panels convert the UV rays of the sun into electricity. PV panels can be installed on your rooftop, depending on the size of your available unshaded roof space. PV panels can also be ground-mounted if you have additional space on your property. By generating your own electricity, you can reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill, depending on the size of your solar system.


Solar Hot Water

Kenergy Solar also installs solar thermal systems that use the heat of the sun to heat domestic hot water. This can reduce your energy use significantly compared to traditional water heaters. Kenergy Solar also provides hybrid solar hot water and solar electric solutions.   Technologies work in tandem by cooling the solar PV panels, boosting electric production, and heating hot water for domestic purposes. 

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Car Chargers

Regardless of what type of electric vehicle you have or plan to purchase, Kenergy Solar can install a car charging station as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with a solar electric system. If you drive an electric vehicle or plug-in-hybrid, you can drive entirely on solar power if you charge your vehicle using your solar system. This can save you significant money compared to gasoline based transportation.


Backup Power Solutions

Don’t get caught with your panels down!  When the electric grid goes down, solar systems without batteries or generators connected to them shut down per national electric codes.  With a battery back up system and/or generator connected, your solar system will continue to produce electricity even while the grid is down. And even when the sun is not shining, a battery system can allow you to continue to use electricity during a power outage. 


Architectural Solar

Looking for an artistic solar solution?  Kenergy Solar works with some of the most cutting edge technology companies and designs solar systems that will blow your mind!  Some of our designs feature translucent panels that can function as pergolas or awnings.  We also work with building integrated solar shingles for new or existing homes.  We can also help integrate large stand alone solar systems into natural areas. You can see a larger version of a solar roof deck we recently designed by clicking here.


Landscaped Ground Mounts

Perhaps your roof is not ideal for solar, or you want to add more capacity to your system. We can design and install a ground-mounted system on your property. We emphasize high quality and attractive ground-mount designs.  


Colored Solar Panels

Solar panels are now available in a variety of color options to allow buyers to customize the look of their solar installation. Tile red panels can match the color of tile roofs while green panels can work well for ground-mounted solar installations by blending into their surroundings. Click here to see several examples.


Solar Shingles

Solar roof shingles can provide a way to replace your roof and install photovoltaics at once. These shingles are typically designed to last at least 50 years, and provide solar power to your house.  


Solar Attic Fans

Looking for a low cost solution to help cool your attic without using electricity?  Install a solar attic fan with a built in solar panel that will help cool your attic.   


Solar Skylights

Solar powered skylights are remote-controlled and require no wiring, since they have a built-in solar panel and battery. An integrated rain sensor enables the skylight to close automatically in case of inclement weather. 

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