Residential Solar

Kenergy Solar designs, installs and services solar systems in the Mid Atlantic region. We help homeowners lower their utility costs and gain energy independence by switching to solar power. Kenergy solar offers multiple financing options, including a $0 down option to help homeowners take advantage of the benefits of solar energy for no upfront cost.

Why Solar?

Many homeowners are choosing to power their homes with solar panels, and for good reason. Going solar means reducing or eliminating your electric bill. Solar systems let you become energy independent by producing your own source of electricity. Solar power is environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint. Installing solar panels adds significant value to your property, without increasing your property taxes. In fact, you may receive additional tax incentives for purchasing a solar system, including a 30% Federal Tax credit. Finally, if you generate more power than you use, you may be eligible to receive payment from your utility for the excess power.


Viewing your home or property on Google Earth can tell us if your home is a good candidate for solar.  If it is we encourage an in home consultation to evaluate your home in person.  Although we can come up with the most ideal solution for you, we also cater to specific concerns or technologies that you may prefer.  Once a design is finalized Kenergy solar can install your solar system in less than 3 months.   

Turn Key Solutions

Kenergy Solar provides full service solar installations.  We obtain all necessary permits, complete utility interconnection paperwork, and complete all incentive paperwork.  We handle the installation and setup, and before you know it your meter will start spinning backwards as you generate your own electricity. In fact, we even set up a dashboard that you can view online to monitor your solar system performance.  We also offer a long-term warranty so that you can be sure your system functions for 25 + years.