Go Solar in Maryland

Kenergy Solar: the Friendliest Solar Installer in Town 

  • Friendly, Local Installers
  • $0 down financing available
  • Full service, turnkey installations
  • We offer the highest quality solar panels and most efficient technology available

Why Solar Power for my Home?

The number one reason that people want solar panels for their homes: it saves them money.  

By reducing your electric bills, and by taking advantage of federal and local incentives, solar panels will pay for themselves within as little as 5-8 years. And solar panels will continue to produce valuable electricity for 25+ years.

You can also go solar for $0 down and start saving money immediately. In the long term whether you pay upfront or finance, you will save tens of thousands of dollars compared to continuing to purchase all your electricity from your utility.




About Kenergy Solar

Kenergy Solar is a local solar installation company based in Washington DC. We install solar power for homes in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • Friendly service, local company
  • Flexible financing options
  • Customized systems tailored to your home