Commercial Solar

As a locally based solar development and installation company, our focus is providing solar solutions to the often-underserved small to mid-sized commercial market in the DC metropolitan area.  These efforts have made us lean, efficient, and ultimately a highly competitive solar business that caters to this particular niche.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work with commercial solar projects at all scales.  Most importantly, we incorporate innovation in technology and financing to develop the best possible solar solution for every customer.  It is these competencies that distinguish Kenergy from other solar companies in the region.  

Why Solar?

Switching to renewable energy isn’t just a smart environmental decision; it’s also great for your bottom line. Choosing low cost solar can save you thousands that you can use towards your goals, rather than spending it on utility bills. 


One of Kenergy’s unique strengths is its access to project finance.  We are partnered with experienced professionals that know solar and are willing to finance a variety of projects.  If you have an appropriate roof for solar, we can find the right financing solution for you.  

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

DC-area electricity rates have increased over 7% per year on average over the past 10 years and are expected to increase as current generation facilities age. Solar is a great way to hedge against rising utility rates while simultaneously contributing to roof life. Installation includes a monitoring display for maximizing marketing benefits.  Savings start at $150,000 over the term of the agreement. 

Building must meet the following requirements:
• 9,000 square feet of unobstructed, unshaded roof space 
• Stable occupancy- either by owner or long term tenant
• High energy consumption
• Willingness and ability to move forward for project completion by the end of year

Other options

If you have less than 9,000 square feet of roof space, and Power Purchase Agreement is not attainable, there are other minimal cost financing options that may be available to you, including commercial leases and low-interest loans.   Typically, savings cover the cost of the monthly payments.