Killarney House Pub Goes Solar – Kenergy Solar Makes It Happen

Killarney House Pub Goes Solar – Kenergy Solar Makes It Happen


He won’t know for sure until he sees Killarney House Pub’s September electric bill, but Anthony Clarke, co-owner and CFO of the Irish Restaurant Company, the pub’s corporate parent, is hoping for a 20% reduction compared to last September’s charges. That’s nothing to sneeze at in the current economic climate – and all the result of a long-awaited addition to the pub’s roof, a 96-panel solar array Kenergy Solar finished installing a little over two weeks ago. It may be the biggest and most expensive environmentally friendly investment the company has made, but it’s not the first.


The Irish Restaurant Company’s heart has beat green from the beginning – and over the years, they’ve introduced locally sourced ingredients, composting, energy-efficient light-bulbs, water conservation measures, and recycling to their three local pubs. They’ve also converted to entirely recyclable or compostable disposable containers, invested in wind energy – and helped to grow the local green business community by supporting social events like Green Drinks Annapolis, a themed happy hour that rotates through sustainability-minded venues around the region. Clarke can testify to the truth of its slogan, “I heard about it at Green Drinks!”; he met Ken Stadlin, Kenergy President, at Green Drinks in 2013.


It was a lucky meeting. The first solar installer Clarke had chosen had gone out of business between getting the racks in place on the roof and seating the solar panels in them – and he’d yet to find a suitable replacement. But he was still committed to finishing the project. As Stadlin puts it, "going green for businesses is about making smart environmental choices that also benefit the bottom line.  Using the free energy source provided by the sun is a natural extension of smart and responsible business practices at Killarney House and the Irish Restaurant Group."


Clarke expects his company to recoup its investment within seven years, in electric savings, and tax and energy credits. Delays and expenses incurred during the change in installation companies upped the price-tag on the project, but haven’t diminished his satisfaction and pride in it. He’s looking forward to showing off the entire system – 95 Winaico WSP 280 Watt PV Modules, Solar Edge DC Optimizers, and a Kingspan Solar thermal water heating system – at this month’s Green Drinks, which will be at Killarney House this Tuesday, September 9, 5:30-7:30 PM.


Stadlin and the rest of the team at Kenergy Solar are also looking forward to the system’s public debut, as a chance to demonstrate that the company, “is focused on providing a full range of solar solutions to the business and non profit sectors. And that their team of experts have the technical and financial expertise to turn solar visions into reality.“