GW Solar Symposium 2014

Yesterday Kenergy Solar employees attended GW’s 2014 Solar Symposium: Using Solar Energy to Generate Wealth in Lower Income Communities. Many from all fronts of the solar industry contributed to a lively display of lectures and panels. Rhone Resch, the president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) set the tone for the day’s discussion, stating “Solar is the people’s power”.  Several speakers throughout the day continually referenced this phrase while elaborating upon their ideas of how solar can reinvigorate the American economy while empowering Americans to take control of their energy costs.  


Previous Director of SEIA and current President of the Stella Group, Scott Sklar played a part in the Interactive Audience Program and highlighted the disadvantages faced by lower income communities.  In a conversation about the unfair electricity rates for lower income communities Sklar explained “The poorest people in the US have the highest energy rates for the worst service”. Sklar, along with many other contributors, see solar as an essential way to change this discriminatory problem.

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