Tariff to Increase Price of Solar Panels in The United States Coming Soon.

The Commerce Department is imposing a steep tax on solar panels sourced from China.

The duties will range from 18.56% to 35.21% on China-made solar panels.

The United States will be collecting duties in advance starting July 25, 2014, before the final decision expected later this year. Kenergy Solar does not use solar panels that contain solar cells sourced in China, but the tariff will affect all solar panels imported to The United States. The tariff will positively affect the quality of Solar Panels imported to the US by raising standards but inevitably increase the overall price of solar energy in The United States resulting from the increase of basic materials.

Most of the solar energy market in the U.S. is composed of installation and financing companies while many solar panel manufacturers are international. The tariff hopes to expand the market and even the playing field for U.S. manufacturers. As solar energy becomes the fastest growing source of clean energy, the Commerce Department seeks to create opportunities for U.S. development. Solar is becoming more affordable and effective, and while the tariff will immediately affect pricing, the overall outcome increases quality and market expansion.

Panel pricing is at its lowest in history and this will be the first time ever we expect to see prices increase. If you have been considering solar, moving forward before the duties are imposed will guarantee the lowest pricing and the best return on investment. Contact Kenergy Solar today for a free estimate.