Kenergy Customer Shares His Story


 At Kenergy Solar we applaud our clients who continuously take steps to reduce their energy consumption.  Mike R., who had a Kenergy solar system installed this past fall stated, “during a recessionary time like this, it occurred to me that the one area in which it would be worthwhile to invest money is energy efficiency.” Mike is willing to do whatever is possible to accomplish this.  Not only has Mike retrofitted his home with solar power, but he has also installed LED lighting throughout his house.  When asked what he likes most about solar, he responded, “I am not as focused on the payback period, which is 8 years, but I like the fact that we are not getting an electric bill.”

Mike first heard about solar panels many years ago.  At the time, however, he thought the technology seemed out of reach to the average consumer.  During 2012, Mike noticed that the prices of solar panels were not falling as quickly as they had been and that there suddenly seemed to be what he called a “sweet spot” for investing in solar power.  He decided it was time to move forward with the installation of a solar panel system while the prices were low and the incentives were still available.

Mike first came across Kenergy while attending an Energy Fair in Silver Spring, MD. He spoke with Seth, Kenergy’s Vice President of Sales, to learn more about what Kenergy had to offer.  However, at the time Mike was looking for quotes from many different companies.  “My goal was to put as much square footage of solar on my roof as possible,” said Mike and he ended up choosing Kenergy because of the combination of the price, kilowatt-hour production, and geometric configuration we could offer him.  “Kenergy gave me a couple of alternatives and helped me to find the best one that would fit my needs,” said Mike.

When we asked Mike if he had to go back in time and make the decision to go solar again, would he do it?  His response was “Definitely.”