White House Installs Solar Panels... Again

Currently this week, construction workers are busy installing solar panels on the White House.  This is the third time a sitting president has had a solar panel installation with the first president being Jimmy Carter and the second being George W. Bush.  Jimmy Carter had thirty two panels installed but President Ronald Reagan had them removed.  George W. Bush installed the first active solar electric system, which was used to heat the White House pool, and a photovoltaic system on the roof of a maintenance shed.  The Obama Administration pledged in October of 2010 to install solar panels on the White House, not only as part of a project to improve overall energy efficiency of the building, but also as a sign of the President’s commitment to renewable energy.


The Obama administration conducted a competitive bidding process to buy between twenty to fifty solar panels.  Officials have not stated the identifier, supplier, or cost of the project.  However, it was made clear that they are American-made solar panels.  The solar panels are estimated to pay for itself in energy savings over the next eight years.  Since 1979, when President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels, the price of solar has dropped by ninety seven percent.

The Solar industry employs more than one hundred and twenty thousand people domestically and generates electricity to power over one million American homes.  The installation of solar panels on the White House demonstrates that even historical buildings can incorporate solar energy as well as other energy efficiency upgrades.

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