Help Expand Public Transportation in Maryland

At Kenergy we enjoy the opportunity to get to know our customers.  From time to time customers come back to us to promote issues they are working on. 

Dr. William Young is a green landlord who installed a hybrid PV and Sundrum solar thermal system on his property in Prince George's County in 2012.  

Dr. Young has asked us to share the request below to sign a petition requesting more investment in public transportation.

Please review this noteworthy effort.

Good morning!  I'm writing all of my friends in Maryland about a petition calling for expanded public transit in our state.  Like all of you, I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic every day -- wasting gas, time, and money -- because our roads are just too crowded.  Public transportation (ex. the Purple Line, more MARC trains, expanded bus service) is the only way to get excess cars off the highways.  I would rather spend an extra $200 in taxes every year to pay for public transit than spend $2000 per year in wasted gas and auto repairs caused by worn out highways.  We need to act now; if we wait another 5 years we'll be seeing total paralysis on the highways.
Please sign the petition that is being circulated by a new citizens' group.  It's called "Get Maryland Moving!" Here's a link to their website:
Signing the petition won't cost you anything and will do a world of good.  I'm pasting a copy of their appeal below. 
I have blind copied this message to you all, so I'm not sharing your e-mail addresses with anyone you don't know. 
Thanks for your help.
Your friend,
Bill Young