Washington DC Expands Access to Solar Power

Thanks to a new law, DC residents will soon be able to benefit from solar power even if they live in a multi-unit condo or apartment building. By enabling what’s called virtual net-metering, residents will be able to buy into a portion of a shared solar array, and have that portion of the electricity the solar system produces be credited towards reducing their electric bill.  


Before the new bill, the Community Renewables Energy Act, was passed, there were many residents who had no option to take advantage of solar power, due to reasons including living in shaded properties, or living in an apartment building.

The renewable portfolio standard in DC mandates 250 megawatts of renewable power capacity by 2021. So far, only 8 megawatts of this standard have been installed. The new bill should help to get the ball rolling on moving closer towards this goal, as demand for solar grows among residents and more shared projects are built.

If you are a DC resident interested in participating in the program, or a building owner interested in hosting a community solar array, get in touch as we are currently looking for opportunities to develop solar projects that will take advantage of the new legislation.