Solar Products: New PV Designs

For homeowners looking to go solar, the common belief is that a solar system must consist of large, bulky panels that are mounted on a sloped roof. However, there are actually many different shapes and sizes of photovoltaics available for residential installation. Here are three of the most innovative new types of solar photovoltaics on the market today:


Lumos LSX panels

Lumos is a solar module manufacturer that creates frameless solar panels. Their line of LSX panels are transparent and can make for very unique and attractive solar installations. Their transparent nature make them particularly well-suited for mounting overhead on a deck awning or carport structure. They offer shade while allowing some light to pass through, they look really cool, and of course, they generate electricity. 


Solar roof shingles

For those who are thinking about replacing their roof, there are now alternative roofing shingles that have photovoltaics built in. Solar roof shingles offer an attractive way to blend-in your solar panels into your roof, as they are flush with the roof rather than being mounted on top. They also don’t require holes to be drilled in the existing roof. They are designed to last at least as long as regular shingles. Solar roof shingles are a great way to protect your roof while generating free electricity from the sun.


Thin film solar

Technological advances in solar technologies have led to consistently more efficient panels, and steadily lower costs per watt. Now, solar panels are getting thinner and lighter thanks to new thin-film solar technology. The main advantage of thin-film solar panels is that they are very low in weight, are not subject to wind lifting, and can be walked on. They are also somewhat easier to install, and reasonably efficient - but as they are a newer technology they are not as cost-effective as traditional solar panels. However, as costs decrease and efficiency increases, thin-film solar may rise in popularity.