Drive on sunlight: charge your car with solar power

Ever wanted to drive a solar powered car? Now you can.

Tesla Motors, an electric sports car manufacturer based out of Palo Alto, California, announced this week their intention to build 100 solar-powered charging stations for electric cars along major US highways by 2015. Tesla says the stations, known as Superchargers, will generate their own solar power and will be high-powered enough to deliver a 150 mile range with just a half-hour charge. What’s more, Tesla is offering free use of the Supercharger stations to every Tesla Model S owner.


Aside from the fact that you now probably want a Tesla, this announcement is significant because it appears to be one of the first steps towards building out an efficient and practical network of electric vehicle charging stations. It’s also great news for the solar power industry, as there will no doubt be a rising demand for solar car-charging infrastructure as electric vehicles become more common. And as demand grows for electric vehicles, car charging stations powered by renewable energy will enable low-cost and zero-emissions driving for a growing number of people. 

Of course, if you are considering buying an electric car, you’re probably wondering how you’ll charge it on a regular basis. While it's possible to charge electric cars on the conventional power grid, there are green alternatives that can save you money on electricity costs. Solar powered carports with built in charging stations are a great option for residential and business use, since both the home and the workplace are locations where people tend to park their cars for extended periods of time. With a solar carport at home, and solar fast-charging stations on the road, you can drive anywhere on pure sun power!